My name is Giulio Aldinucci, I was born in Siena (Italy) in 1981. I have been active for years as a composer in the field of experimental electroacoustic music and in the research on soundscape.

Giulio Aldinucci in studio self-portrait

Main works and projects:


various concerts, including: Vrooom, Klooster Oude Noorden (Rotterdam); Musiche per Altri Domani #1, Teatro di Via Verdi (Vicopisano, Pisa); Musiche per Altri Domani #2, Teatro Rossini (Pontasserchio, Pisa).

October: the label Karlrecords (D) released on LP and MC my album Real.


various concerts, including: Synthonia Festival, Monte Alago (Nocera Umbra); Klang - Dancity Festival preview (Roma); I/O - Villa Medusa (Napoli).

December: the label Wildforest (I) released Crown Shyness part 1, a live recording improvisation on modular synthesizers by HATEFISh and me. The performance was recorded on 21th December 2014 at FuoriCampo art gallery for the FieldSquare project.

April: the label Superpang (I) released my ep Mary and the Ladder.

January: the label npm (UK) released on vinyl my ep Music from Organ.


October: remix for Memory Drawings A Few Scattered Hours album. My work is part of the 2 CD album released Second Language Music (UK) together with remixes and reworks by Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance), Insides, The Green Kingdom, Cedric Pin/Glen Johnson (Piano Magic), Mücha and Yvonne Bruner.

July: the label ADN (I) released on CD Bureau, the first collaboration album by Matteo Uggeri and me.

June: the label Dronarium (RUS) released on CD Stalking the Elusive, the first collaboration album by Enrico Coniglio and me.

March: the label Karlrecords (D) released on CD and LP my album Shards of Distant Times.

March: remix for Gino Pavan & Guido Frezzato Not Linear album. My work, as well as the Eraldo Bernocchi one, is part of the album released on LP by Adesso (I).


Various concerts, including: Sulfure Festival (Paris); Nextech Festival, Teatro Puccini (Firenze); Warm Up To Date Festival (Wrocław); Biennale MArte Live, Klang (Roma); L'Arte della Sostenibilità - Università di Siena, Rettorato (Siena).

October: the label 99chants (D) released on LP and MC my album No Eye Has an Equal.

October: soundwork for Benjamin, a sound art festival at the tramway stops in Florence (I) where, between one service announcement and another, sound art took over the tramway speakers.

August: my composition Aphasic Semiotics is part of The Wire Tapper 50 (UK) special CD special that celebrates the edition number 50 including music from the Tapper series' 20 year back catalogue.

June: music from my ep Boule à Neige was included in the soundtrack of the movie Lieux de Notre Passage by Tomasz Cichawa.


Various concerts, including: Inner Spaces / San Fedele Musica, special concert on the SATOR acusmonium, Auditorium San Fedele (Milano); дом, Dom Cultural Centre (Moscow); Chigiana International Festival & Summer Academy, Accademia Chigiana (Siena); Up To Date Festival, Pałac Branickich (Białystok); Oblique, Garibaldi Books & Records (Palermo); Unsafe+Sounds festival, Nordbahnhalle (Wien).

November: the label Midira Records (D) released on CD Hidden, a collaboration album by The Star Pillow and me.

October: original music for the dance piece Le Furie di Orlando by Compagnia Francesca Selva/Con.Cor.D.A.

September: the label Karlrecords (D) released on CD and LP my album Disappearing in a Mirror and the LP reissue of my previous album Borders and Ruins.

August: the label Moving Furniture Records (NL) released on vinyl Crystalline Tragedies / The Procession (distant motionless shores), the split ep I made with Martijn Comes.

January: the label  Home Normal (J/UK) released on CD Consequence Shadows, the first collaboration album by Ian Hawgood and and me.


Various concerts, including: Associação Terapêutica do Ruído - Zaratan Arte Contemporânea (Lisbon); Masada (Milano); Bruma vol. II - Chiesa di San Michele in Cioncio (Pistoia); Villa Tereze (Pergola); Complesso Museale Santa Maria della Scala (Siena).

September: the label Karlrecords (D) released on LP my album Borders and Ruins.

August: the label Eilean (F) released on CD Reframing, the second collaboration album by Francesco Giannico and me.

June: my composition Mute Sirens was awarded with an honourable mention at the 18th International Electroacoustic Composition Competition Música Viva 2017 (P).

May: my composition In A Demagnetized VHS was included in the Twin Peaks tribute project IRMxTP Part I: I Had The Strangest Dream Last Night (The Owls Were Silent)  by IRM (F).

May: SPRING:2017 (RE)Awakening - food and sound residency at Villa Tereze with Dorit Chrysler, Dzintars Kristovskis and  Michał Kępiński. Video: Spring 2017 Portraits - Giulio Aldinucci Sound artist in residency.

April: the label KrysaliSound (I) released on CD Segmenti, a collaboration album by Francis M. Gri and me.

March: first public presentation of the Valigie Digitali (digital suitcases) project by Verso Lab. The projects focuses on digital memories of migrants and combines pictures and handwritten narratives with mobile video and audio recording of the migrants’ journeys. More infos here (English) and here (Italian with audio).


Various concerts, including: Plunge & Spazio Concept (Milano); Inside Lottozero Grand Opening (Lottozero, Prato).

December: Sonospace (UK) released my digital ep Confini/Fiaccole, containing two compositions based on field recordings only.

September: the label Home Normal (J/UK) released on CD my album Goccia.

August: my composition Candles (Tuscany, Spring) is included on The Wire Tapper 41 CD , given away with The Wire magazine (UK) #390, August 2016. The track is taken from my new album Goccia, out on 30th September on Home Normal (J/UK).

July: the label Dronarium (RUS) released on CD Agoraphonia, a collaboration album by Francesco Giannico and me.

April: the label No Problema Tapes (RCH) released on cassette and digital Mutus Liber, the split ep I made with Moon Ra.


Various concerts, including: Flussi Festival (Avellino); Concertzender & SOTU Festival, OCCII (Amsterdam), Palazzo Strozzi (Firenze);  SOTU Festival, Vereniging Poortgebouw (Rotterdam).

December: the label Manyfeetunder/concrete (I) released on CD my composition Yellow Horse.

August: the label The Long Story Recording Company (AUS) released on CD The Prelude To, a collaboration ep between Pleq and me. The ep comes with remixes by Christopher Bissonnette, Olan Mill and The Green Kingdom.

June: A Study in Mixed Environments, site specific live sonorization created by AIPS (Italian Archive Soundscapes) for Palazzo Strozzi (Florence).

May: the label Time Released Sound (USA) released on CD my album Spazio Sacro.


Various concerts, including: Spazio O' (Milano); Meeting FKL - Forum Klanglandschaft (Vivaio del Malcantone, Firenze); Fieldsquare (Siena).

September: the label Dronarium (RUS) released on CD my album Aer.

July: my composition L'eclisse is part of One Minute Soundscape, a project made especially for the World Listening Day 2014.

April: my composition The first Rain and the composition The prelude to (made by Pleq and me)  were included in the 5 CDs compilation Elements One - Five ( | | | | ) that celebrates 5 years of Home Normal (J/UK).

March: Obsil project ep released by Manyfeetunder (I). It contains two composition played live in 2010 and 2011.


Various concerts, including: Café OTO (London); Meeting FKL - Forum Klanglandschaft (Vivaio del Malcantone, Firenze); Corte dei Miracoli (Siena).

October: my composition Come il mare was included in the CD Sound at work created by Tempo Reale (I), the Italian electronic music research, production, and educational center founded by Luciano Berio. This work is part of the Tempo Reale Collection cd series.

July: Arno ATLAS, a project by Radio Papesse and Giulio Aldinucci about narration and soundscape of the Arno river in Florence. The Arno Atlas series was choosen by the national Italian radio, Rai Radio 3, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the flood of the Arno in Florence during the week of 4 November 2016.

June: Postcards from Italy, a Project by Aips & Gianmarco del Re launched by Giulio Aldinucci and Attilio Novellino. Postcards from Italy is a CD released by Oak editions (I), a live performance show at Cafe OTO - London (June 16th) and an installation at SoundFjord - London (June 15th - July 21st).

April: the label Other Electricities (USA) released on cassette & digital my ep Archipelago.

February: composition for the Bisceglie Soundmap, a project by Francesco Giannico and AIPS - Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori.


October: radio work Viandanti (Nostalghia paths, homage to Andrei Tarkovsky) commissioned by Radio Papesse (I) for Radia Network.

August: the label Nomadic Kids Republic (J/UK) released on CD my album Tarsia.

April: I started contributing to Pietro Riparbelli's Cathedrals project with field recordings taken in:
St. Antimo Abbey (Siena, Italy), Aleksandr Nevskij cathedral (Sofia, Bulgaria)  and Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain).


December: my composition Madrigale muto, taken from the ep Boule à neige is part of Contaminante, video art terminal project in Venice featuring Norma Drimmer, Maurizio Elettrico, Uwe Jäntsch, Francesco Lopes / Alfredo Romano, Joanne Morgan, Angela Occhipinti, Hua Peng, Thomas Redl, Chang Ren and VestAndPage. Venezia Terminal Passeggeri Isonzo 1 - 2 and Terminal 107  December - April 2012.


June: the net label Laverna (I) released my ep Boule à Neige.

April: the label Psychonavigation Record (IRL) released Vicino, my third CD album under my project name Obsil.

April: my composition Snow Days In March is included on The Wire Tapper 25 CD , given away with The Wire magazine #326 (UK), April 2011. The track is taken from my new album Vicino, out on CD on 11th April 2011 on Psychonavigation Records. More info - Compilation details


March: original composition for the exhibition Light Through Culture at Museum Santa Maria della Scala (Siena, Italy), organized by the Department of Communication Sciences of the University of Siena, in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Design of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (NL).



Various concerts, including: Nu Fest, Teatro Mpx (Padova); Fanfulla 101 (Roma); Corte dei Miracoli (Siena); Sentieri Barocchi Festival, Giardini di Villa Parisi (Forino, Avellino); Waveform Valdelsa Festival, Cassero della Fortezza di Poggio Imperiale (Poggibonsi, Siena); Ex-Fila (Firenze).

December: previously unreleased composition for the Sound of Ebb - What is the sound of Recession? project compilation by Loudspkr (UK).

November: audio work UnNovantesimo for E-ArtQuake - Thirty years after the earthquake in Irpinia (ex Carcere Borbonico, Avellino - Italy). E-ArtQuake is a collective exhibition that aims to connect digital arts and new technologies, with memory, trauma and loss of identity themes in the aftermath of disasters such as earthquakes. My composition was one of ten audio works reported by the jury.

Augut: original soundtrack and sound design for the short movie Burnt by Adriano Giotti. Award for Best Cinematography, Award for Best Sound, mention for Best Editor and mention for Best Director at Spazio Anteprima Festival, Turin.


Various concerts, including: Flussi festival, Teatro Carlo Gesualdo (Avellino); Serpe Regolo (Sovicille, Siena).

October: the label Disasters by Choice (I) released Distances, my second CD album under my project name Obsil.

September: composition for the installation Talking Doors - Sounding Door (by Julijonas Urbonas), located at the Lithuanian Academy of Music of Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009. This work won the Award of Distinction in Interactive Art, Prix Ars Electronica 2010.


Various concerts, including: Half Die Festival (Roma); The Hole - Acque Notturne (Bologna); Fanfulla 101 (Roma).

November: original soundtrack (with Cristiano Magi) for the short movie Crisalide by Leandro Gouvêa Lisboa. The short movie was commissioned by Regione Veneto for the 10th festival Videopolis.

October: composition Italia0.8beta for Revolutionary Sound, the Radio Papesse area inside the FreeQuencies exhibition, Festival della Creatività 2008 (Florence). Pictures: 1, 2

March: original soundtrack (with Cristiano Magi) for the short movie Sketches di Marghera by Leandro Gouvêa Lisboa da Costa and Marina Andrade Câmara, winner of the 16th edition of the festival Italiani Indipendenti (Trento).


Various concerts, including: SDSM Festival/Interferenze (Guardia Sanframondi, Benevento); What If/Estate Fiesolana (Fiesole, Firenze); Teatro del Navile (Bologna);  Leoncavallo (Milano); Festival della Creatività, Fortezza da Basso (Firenze); La Controra (Napoli).

September: the track Sui Tetti (from Points, cd, Disasters by choice, 2006) is included in the soundtrack of La Settimana della Sposa, a documentary directed by Pierpaolo Pirone.

June: original soundtrack (with Francesca Piccioni) for the short movie No End by Stefano Lodovichi, winner of the prize Best Short Movie at the 7th edition of Corto Dams Festival of Monta d'Alba (Cuneo, Italy).


Various concerts, including: Tagofest 2 (Marina di Massa, Massa Carrara); Centro Arte Contemporanea Palazzo delle Papesse (Siena); Rialto Sant’Ambrogio (Roma).

December: music for the performance Questo non è un bar by Teatrino del Corvo for Centro Arte Contemporanea Palazzo delle Papesse (Siena).

June: the label Disasters by Choice (I) released Points, my first CD album under my project name Obsil.