Label: Time Released Sound (USA)

Catalog# TRS053

Format: CD, album (standard and deluxe edition)

Released: May 17th, 2015

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Spazio Sacro (“Sacred Space” in English) is characterized by field recordings taken in places that are related to the idea of “sacred” in different ways. The starting point is a reflection on how human rites define new soundscapes (e.g. processions, architecture of churches and cathedrals or ruins of isolated mountain sanctuaries). The audio material has been manipulated and the music has been written in a constant dialogue with my personal memories, especially those from childhood, when in my area (a small village in Tuscany, Italy) religious rites still marked the pace of the community life throughout the year.


01 The hermit

02 Ricordo

03 Sator

04 Come un immenso specchio d'inverno

05 The liquid room

06 Mountain

07 Camino

composed, performed, mixed and

produced by Giulio Aldinucci

mastered by Wil Bolton

package design by  Colin Herrick and Marie Chenut

Quotes from some album's reviews:

"It's a truly haunting landscape of sound, gauzy and indistinct, softly pulsing and strangely granular, as of whatever bonds holding these songs together is truly tenuous, and as such, songs don't start and stop as much as bleed into each other, crumbling into nothingness, only to slowly surface in another form, that form in constant flux, billowing and ethereal, dense and ominous, whispery and serene, all the while, the artifacts of life, the sonic detritus of everyday life, lay beneath these undulating swells of chordal thrum, of tranquil mesmer, of haunting, harrowing loveliness. This just might be our favorite TRS release yet. "


Spazio Sacro was incuded on the best 2015 albums list by Foreign Accents.


Spazio Sacro was incuded on the best 2015 albums list by X-Rated @ Concertzender.


"Many field recordings that got manipulated by Giulio have been wisely placed in this perpetual ascension towards ethereal regions of composer's feelings and memories and the summit of the sacred (both artificial and natural) places which features his personal and sensorial history. "


Spazio Sacro was incuded on the 2015 remarkable music list by Stochastic Resonance.


"Lo stream of consciousness dell’artista toscano, tra gli alfieri di una nicchia tricolore da celebrare per i continui passi avanti sulla via dell’originalità, della passione, delle soluzioni trovate e della resa uditiva. 9/10"


"Something new floats in every time I play this album, which is truly remarkable.The combination of experimental, abstract ambient, drones and soundscapes with very minimal percussion or sounds of rain, makes this a very beautiful trip throughout these sanctuaries.  This is some high quality sound manipulation with a firm focus on atmosphere and mystery."


"Relaxing and fascinating because it is so real".

KFJC 89.7 FM (USA)

Spazio Sacro was incuded on "rearview mirror: 2015" by Music Won't Save You.


"Spazio Sacro is lofty in its ambitions, its approach, its sounds, and yet somehow the end result, of bombastic grandeur, feels neither pretentious nor overwhelming"


"Per Giulio Aldinucci un posto di rilievo fra i compositori italiani: in Spazio Sacro (Time Released Sound), un viaggio nell'idea del "sacro", con architetture e soundscapes che, a partire da bordoni disegnano linee di continuità tra cattedrali e monti simbolici"

5 per 2015 - IL MANIFESTO (I)

"In ‘Spazio Sacro’, Aldinucci has managed to capture the serenity of each space and intertwine it with his own spacious arrangements to enhance their natural wonder. 8/10 "


"As evident to anyone who enjoyed the dazzling monochromes of Aer, recently exhaled on Dronarivm, Giulio Aldinucci is a seal with a beach ball at balancing field recording, ambient, minimalist composition and musique concrète. [...] Without knowing anything about Aldinucci’s relationship to religion, his reenactment of its length and breadth on Spazio Sacro evokes feelings of both wonder and dread."


"La realtà che accompagna il ricordo trasformatosi in solenne cerimonia ambient. Giulio Aldinucci ci commuove nuovamente con un disco che non è semplice cronaca registrata di liturgia religiosa. I suoi fields recordings sono diari di un viaggio lungo i luoghi puri del ricordo lì dove il rumore si trasforma in musica, la musica in pura sacralità. MOTI D'ANIMO."


"And all these pieces, with their root-grasp on thought, rationale and emotion, perfectly encapsulate why this is one label to think about, listen to, as well as watch"


"“Spazio Sacro” celebrates the beauty that is all around, and Giulio Aldinucci proves that John Cage’s “Everything we do is music” is true."


"This results in a charming, ancient and mysterious mood throughout the album.  Spazio Sacro also shows how sound connects to one’s memories about time and places. The flexibility of processed recordings brings sonic storytelling and imagination closer together."

Cánh đồng âm nhạc (VN)

"Giulio Aldinucci’s work evokes a strong and clear sense of the places and times that occupy the memory chambers in his life, and the traditions at the heart of those recollections are timeless."


"Un viaggio sonoro emozionante."


"L’ensemble se trouve toujours rehaussé par des textures électroniques particulièrement riches, faites de granulations et de légères saturations. Leur caractère enveloppant vient alors combler l’auditeur qui pourra également trouver un refuge salutaire dans certaines de leurs colorations plus lumineuses. "

EtherREAL (F)


"Shrouded and melodic, Spazio Sacro is exactly what Giulio Aldinucci wanted it to be - distilled worship and all the wonder that comes so readily with it. "


"Aldinucci supera qui sostanzialmente l'eterno dualismo tra l'ambient letto (interiormente) come “suono dell'ambiente” (suono che appartiene all'ambiente, lo costituisce) ed (esteriormente) come “suono per l'ambiente” (suono che è costruito, elaborato, pensato per adattarsi all'ambiente, o per suggerirne l'evocazione, o ancora suono prodotto dall'ambiente stesso) [...]

Straordinario. 7,5"


"Spazio Sacro is covered in a thick gauze of effects that make the slightest gestures reverberate endlessly, if only to amplify their relationship to the steadily beating heart beneath.  Spazio Sacro is a musically affective and sonically imagistic electro-acoustic work, and certainly the best work that Aldinucci has done to date. This release comes highly recommended to fans of sound art and modern classical music."


"Un dialogo di Giulio con se stesso che, parlandosi, riesce a riportare sotto forma di musica, in maniera molto umile e serena, le sue memorie. Un lavoro molto intimo ed importante."


"In a way, this album could be described as a collection of audio postcards from Italy. Or better: small details  of audio postcards, since the field recordings are heavily manipulated and moody layers of electronics are added for enhanced (sacred) atmospheres."


"Anche senza conoscerne titolo e traccia concettuale, dai quaranta minuti di “Spazio Sacro” traspare una naturale solennità spirituale, veicolata da modulazioni di timbri organici ed aperture maestose, interpolate da minuti granuli sonori, sotto forma di risonanze, frammenti liquidi e ulteriori dettagli raccolti in loco. [...]Dal contesto esteriore al rapimento spirituale il passo è breve negli spazi perpetuati dall’elaborazione di Aldinucci, il cui stesso soundscaping ambientale assume in “Spazio Sacro” una connotazione umana non più soltanto simbolica ma radicata negli istinti profondi che luoghi e suoni, insieme, possono suscitare."


"Aldinucci jak zawsze trzyma wysoki poziom i potrafi za pomocą ambientowej poetyki opowiedzieć wciągającą opowieść."