Giulio Aldinucci Real album cover


Label: Karlrecords (D)

Catalog# KR096

Format: LP, MC, album

Released: October 14th, 2022

Bandcamp page: Karlrecords on Bandcamp

The digital media we live with shape and define reality by filtering it, letting us run the risk of living without our personal and unique one. My new album expresses a need of something unmediated and authentic. “Real” is a reflection on the endless possibility of sonic transformation, the ability we have to create new realities transmuting the soundscape around us and the inner soundscape inside us, even only by imagining it. A (deep)real experience permeated by dreamy lyricism.


01 Deep Space Shelter

02 Come In Un Respiro

03 As The Horizon Disappears

04 Smoke Over The River

05 Mythological Void

06 Every Word, In Summer

07 Hyperobject A

08 Asymptotic Embrace

composed and produced by Giulio Aldinucci

mastered by Kassian Troyer at D&M, Berlin

artwork concept by Thomas Herbst

layout & design by kaidoh

cover photography by Giulio Aldinucci

pictures of Giulio Aldinucci by:

Krzysztof Karpiński, Radio Papesse,

Francesca Lenzi and Elephant Studio


Quotes from some album's reviews:

"When one hears the faint echoes of choirs nestled in electronic drones, one feels the tug-of-war. One side sings of a higher purpose and a deeper connection. The other purrs, modern, convenient, now. [...] The organ tones and choral samples convey the call of the ancient, often lost in the bustle of the new."


"It is a beautiful work, at times mind-blowing and expansive, and yet feeling quite close and intimate at times."


"It's no linguistic coincidence that the concept of temperament is one that means both an individual's disposition and the technical training of an instrument to produce frequencies in a given key. Aldinucci's music is laden with temperament, of both kinds, with a swathe as wide as the emotional spectrum itself."


"A moving piece of deeply melancholy arctic drone."


"The Siena-based producer pairs glacial, time-defying Ambient movements with brittle and washed out atmospheres, additionally sprinkles lone and lost piano tones as well as what seem to be ethereal, angelic and somewhat processed choirs and non-vocalisms onto this foundation whilst adding majestic widescreen cinematic movements and almost sacred, enlightening cascades of sounds. Recommended"


"Un disque splendide, d'une rare élégance, qui redonne à l'électronique une dimension humaine, transcendante."


Real was included on the "10 ambient records from 2022" list by Hipersónicas.


Real was incuded on the 2022 TOP 10 albums by Motel Wazoo.


Real was included on the "best electronic music records of 2022" list by Hipersónicas.


Disappearing in a Mirror was incuded on the 2022 TOP albums by Indie Rock Mag.


"Real è questo, è la profonda religiosità del verso e del canto che riesce a sconvolgere e commuovere, giunge nel cavo dell'animo e apre i portali di un luogo che via via si sta svuotando."


"Maar bovenal is dit weer een hallucinerend mooi meesterwerk."


"[...] Avec son intitulé et ses intentions affichées (proposer quelque chose d’authentique, tout en démontrant comment les transformations sonores peuvent façonner une autre réalité), l’album laissait effectivement présager ce recours plus fréquent à des instruments réels. De fait, on les retrouve donc sur ce nouveau long-format, qui ne relâche pas, en parallèle, ses efforts sur la mélancolie sous-jacente à ce registre musical, ni sur la profondeur de son propos. "

EtherREAL (F)

"Real should have been called totally unreal as nothing that one hears in it is quite what it seems."


"Poussé par une force intérieure éblouissant, Real n’en demeure pas moins un opus habité de fragilité cassante et d’émotion coupante, traversé de mélancolie angélique et de tristesse tourbillonnante. Superbe."


"Dahin, wo Schmerz und Schönheit, Überwältigung und Rückzug, Melancholie und Alltag sich kaum noch unterschieden lassen."


"Wer das herbstliche Kopfkino in Gang setzen will und zu den von außen erlebten schwieri- gen Zeiten auch in seiner ei- genen Gedankenwelt in dunk- lere Fahrwasser kommen möchte, dem sei die Platte empfohlen."


Giulio Aldinucci Real packaging

Giulio Aldinucci Real vinyl