Agoraphonia album cover

Francesco Giannico

Giulio Aldinucci


Label: Dronarivm (RUS)

Catalog# DR-39

Format: CD, album

Released: july 18th, 2016

Bandcamp page:  Dronarivm on Bandcamp


01 Koutoubia

02 Plaza de Mayo

03 Shantangjie

04 Piazza Umberto I

05 Agoraphonia

music by

Francesco Giannico and Giulio Aldinucci

mastered by Alexandr Vatagin

A town square is an open public space commonly found in the heart of a town and it is used for community gatherings. From this basic perspective, it is easy to notice how the soundscape of this living center could represent not only sonically, but also from a cultural point of view, a priceless document.

After a six months open call, in which participants were asked for audio material concerning the general theme of the “square”, the recordings have been selected and reworked in order to create an ideal "symphony" of all living squares all over the world. After some months, another open call was done to collect photos about the same theme in order to realize a coherent packaging.


Koutoubia, samples recorded by
Fabio R. Lattuca in Koutoubia, Marrakesh, Morocco

Plaza de Mayo, samples recorded by
Ana Maria Romano G. in Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Shantangjie, samples recorded by
Luca Bonaccorsi in Shantangjie, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Piazza Umberto I, samples recorded by
Davide Di Francesco in Piazza Umberto I, Calcata Vecchia, Italy

Agoraphonia, samples recorded by
Gianmarco del Re in Kamenné Námestie, Bratislava, Slovensko | Andrea Ricci in Piazza Tasso, Firenze, Italy | Giulio Aldinucci in Place du Château, Strasbourg, France | Nobodisoundz in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Valloria, Italy | Giulio Aldinucci in Hofvijver, Den Haag, Netherlands | Paolo Monti in Torget Square, Svolvaer, Lofoten, Norway | Giulio Aldinucci in Plaça dels Àngels, Barcelona, Spain | João Mascaro in Catedral da Sé, São Paulo, Brazil | Roberto Galati/Federico Mosconi in Piazza San Marco, Venezia, Italy | Emile Milgrim in The Arscht Center, Downtown Miami, USA | Sound Awakener in August Revolution Square, Tràng Tiền street, Hanoi, Vietnam | Michel Rigati in Piazza D'Armi, Siena, Italy | Giulio Aldinucci in Piazzetta dell’Arco, Castagneto Carducci, Italy | Blanca Rego in Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain | Betta Porro and Max Jurcev in Piazza dell’Unità, Trieste, Italy | Paolo Besagno in Piazza Vicomorasso, Sant'Olcese, Italy | Giuseppe Cantelmo in Piazza Italia, Foggia, Italy | Michel Rigati in Piazza Lanino, Gran Baloon Torino, Italy

photo contributors:
Emilia Yanakieva, Giuseppe Trotta, Lyudmil Yanakiev, Dimitris Kolyris

Quotes from some album's reviews:

"Agoraphonia is a gently exhilarating and thought-provoking global journey, a quiet celebration of the art of listening and perceiving."


"A very intriguing listening experience."


"A deeply evocative work."


"Gli oltre diciotto minuti della conclusiva title track suggellano appunto l’idea sinfonica sottostante ad “Agoraphonia”, maestosa elevazione di drone e soundscaping a esperienza d’ascolto totalizzante."


Agoraphonia was included on the top favorite releases of 2016 list of Unkown Tone Records.


Agoraphonia was included on the "2016 in review: A Sense of Place" list of Stationary Travels.


Agoraphonia was included on the 2016 best album list of Sonofmarketing.


Agoraphonia was included on the top favorite releases of 2016 list of Indie Rock Mag.


"While listening, one realizes that it is impossible to separate these sounds from one another, not because they lack distinctive features, but because any plaza, at any time, may include people from another plaza, in another place [...] .  This simple fact is so beautiful that one wonders why we ever close our minds and borders.  If only these sounds, and these facts, could be heard, we might no longer suffer from agoraphonia; we would no longer be afraid of foreign speech and sound, because we would realize that we are each familiar and foreign at the same time."


"Al di là della suggestione legata all’intreccio di questi suoni ed alla capacità dei due di dar vita ad una serie di animati quadri sinfonici urbani, colpisce come “Agoraphonia” riesca ad innescare una serie di riflessioni sui processi di mutamento dei paesaggi sonori contemporanei e, per estensione, sul nomadismo della condizione dell’ascolto nell’epoca postdigitale in cui siamo immersi. 7/8"


"Between them, Francesco Giannico and Giulio Aldinucci have a wealth of experience and talent, with both names rising to become synonymous with the world electroacoustic music [...]  ‘Agoraphonia’ manages to brilliantly blend the two styles of Francesco and Giulio, with both artists seamlessly blending their own subtle touches with sections of reality to create something of mesmerising quality. 8/10 "


"A truly recommended release. "


"Na određeni način ovaj album jeste poetizacija odnosa privatnog i javnog, ali i prirode dokumentarnog snimka koji, kada se jednom prevede u prostor umetničkog preznačavanja, prestaje da postoji kao odsečak određene vremensko-prostorne realnosti i utapa se u sasvim drugačiji perceptivni režim u kojima se specifičnosti gube, ali i dobijaju sasvim nova i nepredvidiva značenja."


"Such sounds set a backdrop for potential emotions, like a choose-your-own-vibe-adventure; be it intriguing, terrifying, exploratory, if the allow the music to take you there, it will."


"In un’epoca segnata da conflitti e divisioni “Agoraphonia” suona come un inno al superamento degli attriti e alla pacifica convivenza."


"As I listen, a moving image slowly coalesces: not of any particular square, but of a shared realm of sociality that emerges wherever humans gather in significant number, a space we carry with us that belongs to all of us and none of us. An idea, with physical dimensions and sonic presence, normally encountered in a state of distraction but here brought to attention. In this sense, “Agoraphonia” succeeds in evoking and celebrating a form of architecture which is so essential to public life as to become an almost universal feature of human cities, wherever they may be around the globe."


"Il progetto di Francesco Giannico e Giulio Aldinucci fa propria l'intuizione geniale e provocatoria di Cage cogliendo, tramite innumerevoli registrazioni, campionamenti successivamente manipolati e sovraincisi, il suono di piazze situate in luoghi diversissimi tra loro [...] non vi è distanza tra continenti e nazioni, dove è l'uomo - indipendentemente dal suo colore o dalla sua cultura - a essere al centro. Probabilmente il vero messaggio di "Agoraphonia". 7"